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With God’s Help By Rabbi Moshe Rothchild My wife Yonit shared with me a very cute story that happened to her today as she was shopping in the grocery store near our home in Israel. She had completed her shopping and with a wagon full of groceries she made her way to the checkout line. When her turn came, she unloaded the groceries on to the belt and one by one the cashier began scanning each item. When she got to the tub of ice cream she said to my wife “B’ezrat Hashem your ice cream won’t melt before you get home!” What does B’ezrat Hashem mean? It means “with the help of God.” So here was the cashier essentially asking God to help my wife so that the ice cream should not melt before she gets home. Amazing! This is one of those ‘only in Israel’ stories. When religious Jews write a letter or anything on a piece of paper, it is common practice to write two little Hebrew letters in the top right corner of the paper. The letters are Bet and Hay (or BH) which stands for B’ezrat Hashem or with the help of God. It is meant to be a reminder that everything that we do is with the help of God. A few weeks ago I wrote about Baruch Hashem which means bless God or an acknowledgment that everything comes from God. We say Baruch Hashem after the fact. B’ezrat Hashem is said before or in anticipation of something. For example, you may say “Tomorrow I will be going to Israel, b’ezrat Hashem.” After you arrive you will say “Baruch Hashem I have arrived.” Do you see the difference? The essential thing is to understand that we bring God into our daily discussions. We acknowledge that everything can only happen b’ezrat Hashem, with God’s help and we demonstrate an attitude of gratitude to God afterwards by declaring Baruch Hashem or Blessed is God! Far too many people relegate God to places of worship and forget to bring Him along in everything that they do. God is with us in the kitchen, the bedroom and when we are waiting on line in the supermarket. There is no space devoid of God’s presence. God only appears to be absent when we knowingly or unknowingly exclude him from the conversation.

With God’s help—that is how we get through each day. With God’s help---that is how we raise our children With God’s help---we try to earn a living. With God’s help----we look after our health. We are nothing without You. Nothing. And with God’s help the whole world will realize this.