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Are Israelis Stupid?

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netanyahu election banner It has finally happened. Something that has never occurred in the history of the world as far as I know it. We have been accused by our enemies and anti-Semites of many things. We have been called cheap, we have been accused of controlling the banks, Hollywood, world economies, politics and have been called dirty, vermin, Christ killers, despised etc. Never have we been called stupid, that is, until now.

I have been traveling in the U.S. for 2 weeks now and experienced the Israel elections while here. After Netanyahu’s unexpected large margin of victory, I tuned in to the various media outlets to hear how it was being reported by the mainstream media. It actually got to the point yesterday (Thursday) that I was so disgusted with the mainstream media that I had to turn off the radio while I was driving. My blood was boiling over the unfair and complete lack of understanding of the Israeli election cycle. In truth it is even more than that. Way more. It is not just a lack of understanding and intelligent insight in to the election outcome, it is a misreading of the entire Middle East.

A common theme on the news here is that Israelis have somehow been intimidated and hoodwinked by Netanyahu in to believing his fear mongering visa vis Iran. Israelis are too stupid to realize that Netanyahu is using the Iran nuclear issue as a smokescreen in order to get himself elected. Netanyahu fooled all those pathetic Jews in to believing him and falling for his ruse.

What they are really saying if you read between the lines is even more arrogant than it appears on the surface. Essentially they are saying the following: What a shame the Israeli’s believed Netanyahu that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. Don't those stupid Israelis realize that Iran will be turning in to Switzerland soon? All we need is to sign an agreement with them which they will surely honor! Those stupid Israelis missed another opportunity to hand over their security to President Obama who “has their back.”

The other issue that they keep rehashing in the media is the fact that Netanyahu on Election Day tried to rally his base to vote by saying that the Arabs are voting en masse. The media has spun this and are reporting it as if Netanyahu is a racist! Really? The united Arab parties are the third largest party in Israel after this last election. Netanyahu was simply trying to rally his base to vote for him as the person who can best lead the country! Should he sit by and do nothing on Election Day? Isn’t this what everyone does on Election Day? The Democrats warn their base that the Republicans are coming out in large numbers to vote and vice versa. They Arabs are a voting block and if Netanyahu’s base did not come out and vote the country will be controlled by someone else. Is that racist to want to win? Did he try to prevent the Arabs from voting?? There is an enormous leap between rallying your base and preventing others from voting. Israel is a democracy. Policies are decided by voters unlike all the pretend Arab democracies that surround us that are controlled by dictators who are never elected. When did Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq last hold truly free and open elections? Mahoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinians, is in the 11th year of his 4 year term! Please tell me which of the above mentioned countries allow Jews to vote??

Despite what the main stream media would have you believe, Israelis are smart and knew exactly who they were voting for in Netanyahu. They understand his complicated relationship with Obama, they understand the issue with Iran and they certainly understand the issue of Israel’s security and the Palestinians. We live with Arab terror in our back yard without oceans separating us from the Jihadis. We live in a world of real politics that decisions made today affect us today. Lives are at stake and our children serve in the military. Not voluntarily but mandatory military service for both boys and girls. We know what peace means and there is no one that wants it more than us. I do not want my children to have to go to war. When we vote our number one issue is security. Other issues are secondary. Until the reality of Islamic Jihadi terror comes to an end, Israeli’s who live with this daily reality will continue to vote for the person who represents the best option for protecting our children. That option is Netanyahu and until the left wing media realizes this, they will never understand Israelis. When you live with Canada and Mexico as your neighbors and two oceans on either side it is easy to pontificate and criticize.

Thank God I personally met hundreds of Americans who get it and are standing with Israel. We are grateful to the millions of Christians who are standing with us. We must continue to get the truth out and not weaken our resolve no matter how challenging it may be.