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Rock Terror

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rock terror banner I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I would like to make a prediction. This past Sunday I arrived in the USA to celebrate the wedding of my sister-in-law. Over the last week though, I have been glued to the news coming out of my hometown of Efrat, Israel. What I am about to share with you has not been covered by the main stream media nor any media at all for that matter. Based on past events, I would like to predict how everything that is occurring now in Israel will unfold in the coming months.

In Efrat we have a chat list that you can sign up for if you are a resident or have a good reason to be on the list. For the most part it serves to connect people on a whole host of issues ranging from “I need a ride to Tel Aviv” or “Where can I buy Cayenne pepper?” or “Who can take a stamped envelope back to the USA?” Sometimes the issues discussed are far more serious and important. Lately, over the last few months there have been numerous rock attacks on cars exiting our town of Efrat. I would say that there have been at least 3-5 attacks a week. The chat list warns people when attacks have occurred advising the readers not to use a particular entrance/exit to Efrat. The victims of the attacks post warnings and descriptions of what has happened to them.

What has been happening to our town is not unique to us. All over Judaea and Samaria (what the world erroneously calls the West Bank) there have been hundreds of rock attacks. Some of them have resulted in critical injuries and some have resulted in deaths. In March, Adva Biton was driving with her three daughters when suddenly they were attacked by Arab terrorists throwing rocks. The mother swerved and collided with a truck leaving them all injured. The two year old Adelle was injured severely and is still fighting for her life in the hospital. Her future is unclear.

These are not young children throwing small rocks. These are young adults and adults throwing large rocks and sometimes pushing small boulders over an edge on to the road below.  These are planned acts of terror with a weapon that is deadly. The attacks are aimed at civilians.

The Israeli government has tied the hands of the army and has not allowed them to respond to these acts of terror appropriately. The result has been that the roads have become increasingly dangerous in many areas of Judaea and Samaria including my town of Efrat, just 10 minutes south of Jerusalem.  Our chat list has been increasingly filled with discussion as to how best to respond and anger that the government is not doing what is necessary to protect law abiding citizens. I want you to imagine a road near your house under constant rock attack from a local gang. How would the police react? Imagine hundreds of these attacks! Of course the police would take severe action. So why doesn’t the government of Israel do anything?

The answer is because they are afraid. Experience has taught us that the world likes it when Jews are victims and gets all up in arms when they see us as “aggressive.” The Arabs know this well and will do whatever possible to create PR nightmares for Israel by painting them as aggressive oppressors. Israel knows that if they respond to the rock attacks it will be portrayed in the world media as the big bad Israeli army with guns and all coming after the poor Palestinians who are “only” throwing some “small, harmless” rocks. Israel is “overreacting” and needs to “show restraint.” The truth will be completely lost and Israel will suffer humiliation in the court of world opinion.

Here is my prediction: As of this writing, Israelis are becoming fed up with the government’s passiveness and have organized protests all over Judaea and Samaria trying to force the hand of the government to respond. The government will ultimately have no choice but to respond as the ever increasing rock attacks and injuries mount. After the response you will start to hear all about it in the mainstream media. Israel will be accused of “disproportionate response” and “excessive force.” We will be accused of being an “apartheid state” that aggressively attacks Palestinians. There will be calls for Israel to withdraw from our Biblical homeland and others will delegitimize and demonize Israel. Some news media outlets will refer to it as “the cycle of violence,” immorally equating the response to terror with terror itself. There of course will be those who try to justify the rock terror by saying that the Jews “stole” the land of the Palestinians hence causing them to have “no choice” but to attack innocents.

Well, there you have it—an update on the behind-the-scenes news and my prediction. I hope that I am proven wrong. If you are a follower of the news out of Israel you will notice that my prediction is basically the playbook of every incident in Israel. You as a citizen of the world can play your part in helping Israel cope with these kinds of situations. How? By being in touch with your elected officials and local media stations. Let them know that you support Israel. They do count the calls and emails they receive so let your voice be heard. Of course, prayer is our greatest friend as all of us know that without the help of God Israel could not survive.